The Better World Foundation by CWC

The mission of the Better World Foundation (BWF) is to unite the energy industry to work hand-in-hand to focus our resources and efforts on achieving maximum sustainable benefit for the children of West Africa.

The vision of the BWF is to develop the welfare, aspirations and prosperity of Children in West Africa, through regular donations, and sharing knowledge and resources.

Our supporters are crucial to what we do: you can make a lasting impact and difference upon the lives of vulnerable children of West Africa.

Get involved today by choosing a level of membership to help support the continuation of this important work.

Your donation will be acknowledged in several ways. We will list you as a key supporter of BWF on our Corporate Social Responsibility web page and, as well as on all of the promotional marketing materials for our Ghanaian events.

BWF also invites your colleagues to be involved in the projects; visiting and helping at orphanages.

Your support is very much appreciated by us and the children we help and makes it possible for us to continue this important work across West Africa.

Better World Foundation Projects

June 2011 – School Fees Project

£3,000 from the Ghana Summit was used to pay for school fees and books for the 30 children from the Drifting Angels Orphanage.  This guaranteed their education for a full year worry over how to pay fees. An extra £1,000 from the Ghana Summit was also used to purchase food supplies for the orphanage.

December 2010 – School Bus Project

£8,455 raised by St. James’ School in London was used to purchase a school bus for the Drifting Angels Orphanage to get them safely to and from school every day, removing the danger for them in simply attending school.  The bus also provides the orphanage with a much needed source of income as it is used as additional transport in the local area.

March 2010 – Shipping of School Supplies, Clothes & Toys

The CWC Group and St. James’ School in London paid for seven boxes of school supplies, clothes and toys to be shipped from London to Ghana and distributed amongst the children at the Drifting Angels Orphanage.

April 2009 – Bathroom & Washroom Facilities

The CWC Group raised $USD 2,000 to build bathroom facilities for the Drifting Angels Orphanage.  Supplies were sourced locally and local contractors were hired to build these facilities.

Christmas 2008 – Drifting Angels Orphange Christmas Party & Fun Day Out

Myriam Chbani, CWC’s Head of Corporate Responsibility in West Africa spent three weeks over Christmas with the Drifting Angels Orphanage and organised their first ever Christmas party with presents and food purchased from donations from CWC Staff. CWC were also able to take them for their first day out of the orphanage to the beautiful Wli Waterfalls in the Volta Region.

To find out how you can get involved with BWF to make a difference please contact: Myriam Chbani, Head of Corporate Responsibility& Relations, West Africa
Tel: +233 (0) 267266651 or Email:

CWC In Nigeria

The CWC Group, experts in energy and infrastructure, is pleased to announce their established Nigerian Company, based in Lagos – NCI Limited. NCI looks after CWC’s operations in Nigeria including Conferences, Exhibitions and School for Energy courses.

Nigeria Content has always been a priority for CWC, having held ten editions of Nigeria Oil & Gas (NOG), described by H.E. Goodluck Jonathan, President for the Federal Republic as “the most prestigious assemblages of experts and investors interested in the Nigerian oil business and its environment”. Following industry needs and expanding into the infrastructure and technology industries with the annual Nigeria Infrastructure and NOGTech events, as well as hosting telecoms events, it was a natural progression to open a local office.

CWC operations in Nigeria have had the unprecedented support of the Nigerian Government. Our work is always carried out in consultation with the Nigerian stakeholders, including the MinistriesState CompaniesNGOs and Nigerian industry experts. CWC has made a point of using Nigerian contractors wherever possible, before, during and after our events. The company print their materials in Nigeria, use local companies, transport and software suppliers and advertise in the Nigerian press and radio.

Our commitment to Nigeria expands to ensuring sustainable relationships and events, in-depth market research & understanding, delivering international standards by leveraging local knowledge & suppliers, as well as having a team dedicated to Nigeria.

Moreover, we organise internships, non-profit events and charity & development initiatives. CWC and NCI provide a longstanding support of Nigerian Business Coalition Against AIDS (NIBUCAA) as part of its corporate social responsibility. The involvement and successes to date include:

  • Active membership
  • Raising NIBUCAA’s profile through CWC’s Nigerian events & media
  • Fund raising activities
  • Investment for marketing tools
  • Business coaching & advice

The CWC Group

Corporate Social Responsibility

The main goal of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme is to embrace our responsibility for the actions of the company and through our actions deliver a positive impact on the environment, communities and stakeholders.

The CWC Group is an equal opportunities employer, offering the best current working practices to ensure our teams are well-placed to deliver excellent results. Amongst our 140 permanent staff at our London headquarters, 20 languages are spoken.

The CWC Group cares about its impact on society. We employ local contractors and suppliers, wherever possible within the country, with the aim of building long-lasting relationships.

In addition, globally we work with partners and agents in over 30 countries all over the world.

Our Role

The CWC Group commits to coordinating all projects from start to finish, to ensure maximum efficiency and transparency for its stakeholders.

Every project is discussed with Platinum members, depending on their level of membership, to gather ideas, opinions, and move forward in the most efficient and effective way.

CWC will be managing all investments in projects, making sure that only local suppliers are involved and that the community also feels part of the programme.