Course Outline:

  • Local Content: Setting the Scene
  • Local Content Policies in a Globalised World
  • Factors Shaping Local Content Policy
  • Local Content Ambitions in the New East African Producers
  • Case study: Brazil is the local content front runner
  • National Oil Companies and Local Content
  • International Oil Companies and Local Content
  • Managing Relationships and High Expectations
  • Local Content in Contracts: Creating In-Country Value
  • The Routes to Success in East Africa
  • Importance of Supply Chain Development and Procurement Strategy
  • Case Study: Norway
  • Case Study: Ghana
  • Technology Transfer
  • Partnerships and Networks
  • The Human Factor: Building Capacity Through Local Content

Case Studies:

  • How Can Natural Gas Be Used To Build An Industrial Base And Develop Local Content?
  • Case Study: Trinidad and Tobago
  • Case Studies on Natural Gas:
  • Financing Local Content Development
  • Measuring, Monitoring Local Content Development: The Best Approach

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