Introduction to Live Online Training

CWC School for Energy is here to support our customers!

We have been busy fast-tracking our capabilities to teach your teams remotely.

As such, we are now able to teach your teams via Zoom and are building up our lecturers ability to translate their industry experience and classroom skills to engaging live online teaching.


Online Course Format

• Live online learning course with an expert facilitator/s
• Interactive, engaging and practical
• Varied learning activities, practical sessions, case-studies and discussions.

We are now able to teach the majority of our courses online but we have also developed a series of programmes to support specifically with issues that have arisen from Covid-19:

Overcoming the challenges of remoteness and isolation: Online Meeting Skills
How to setup, host and manage online meetings, interviews, appointments, training and events.

Covid-19 and Contracts
How are oil companies and contractors in your jurisdiction managing legal risk in the current conditions?
Is there a principle of force majeure under local law or does the issue only arise if there is a FM clause in the contract?
What is the approach to this risk of the insurance market in your jurisdiction?


Our team of accomplished course developers will be glad to discuss your training needs further with you.
For more information about our live online learning, please contact Patricia Borges Rotolo on or call +44 20 7978 0044.

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